PTMSMrs. Lister

"Technology is nothing.  What's important is that you have faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them."
Steve Jobs 

Please read all of the following information.  It is very important information regarding instruction, quarter 3, and office hours to reach me.  Please read all the way to the bottom.

Welcome back to school, since we were on spring break last week I hope you all were able to enjoy some relaxation.  The county has laid out all the requirement for the students and teachers. Students will need to be aware of the information below so please share it with your students.  I will be putting this information out to them tomorrow, April 14, 2020, in the classroom chat.  

Microsoft is the go to for all the student's work.  In teams there is a classroom chat that I started and that is the only place the students should contact me.  The students can ask each other for help there.  Email is for parents to contact me only because I will be getting too much email to use that for turning in work or questions. All of the student's work must be submitted through their assignment on teams because I will not accept them in email.  

My Availability: M-F from 9-3  
My office hours are Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:30. That means I will be available for communication through Teams (phone, video or chat).

Instead of requesting that each student show up at the time mentioned below, I will post videos in chat that will give the student the directions for each assignment.  If the student is able to do it without help, they do not need to come to class.  If they realize later in the week, please allow them to call me on chat and I will help them asap.  We are building on skills we have already learned so this will be practicing and sharpening their reading skills. 

My schedule will consist of the following time every Monday when I meet your students based on their period and it starts on Monday May 1, 2020:
          period 1 8:50-9:15
          period 2 8:30-8:45
          period 3 9:20-9:40
          period 4 9:40-10:00

Please note that the times in bold are because period 1 starts later than period 2.  That is because some classes have co-teachers and they needed to be available for all their other classes.  In addition to that, time for some classes are shorter than others.  That is because of the amount of students in each class.  By dividing my time by class size, I am hoping that I can reach more students.  

***I am aware that the students schedule may not line up with my schedule.  I am more than willing to set up a predetermined time to meet with your student when I can.  My role as teacher will require I go through trainings and other meetings, so it needs to be prearranged.