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Welcome to the new 2019 – 2020 school year! 

Math 7 is a great course that extends students’ knowledge of numbers and mathematical connections and concepts as well as how to use them.    

UPDATES for the COVID-19 Break

Hi All!!!  I hope and pray that you and yours are well.

I have added this section to the class page to provide practice, encouragement, and updates while we are physically unable to attend school for the remainder of the school year.  

Informational posts are included below the following table of links.

Click the pictures/icons to access the links for each topic.

Link to Math 7  course topic list with notes about which topics were covered before the coronavirus break    Link to Puzzle of the Week    Link to Study Guide Assignment, Last major homework assignment before the closure    Link to online class
 Listing of Math 7 Course Topics
(inc which ones were taught before the closure)
  Puzzle / Problem of the Week

(I'll post a puzzle or problem on Mon ...answers will be due by Fri (1 pm) each week...correct answers will be entered into a drawing)
Benchmark Study Guide Assignment
I extended the due date for this to Apr 14, 2020
 (That means you still have an opportunity to complete it and submit it for a grade)
Math Session and Share Space
(Virtual class is conducted via Microsoft Teams...student login is required)

 Link to PWCS Home Learning Site    Link to PWCS-endorsed math tasks and sites    Link to Class Useful Links page    link to "contact me"
 PWCS Home Learning Site  
 PWCS Math Department- recommended Tasks and Links
   Mr. Coleman's
Useful Links
   Contact me

Email me at if you have questions.


Jun 1 - Jun 5:  
Online class on Tues, Jun 2 from 8:30-10:00 am using Microsoft TEAMS.  We will complete a problem-solving practical challenge to again see math at work in real world situations.  E-mail with particulars was sent to parents and students.  Optional office hours will again be Thurs from 12 - 1:30 pm. 

May 25 - May 29:  
Online class on Tues, May 19 from 8:30-10:00 am.  We will complete a diagnostic so that students can see their current levels of performance.  Optional office hours will again be Thurs from 12 - 1:30 pm. 

May 18 - May 22:  
Online class on Tues, May 19 from 8:30-10:00 am.  We will continue to review topics from early in the year.  Students will have options to choose which topics to work on depending on their particular needs.  Optional office hours will again be Thurs from 12 - 1:30 pm.  Check PWCS and parent e-mail for info on topics and update on end of year grading.  Info will also be posted on TEAMS page.

May 11 - May 15:  
Online class on Tues from 8:30-10:00 am.  Focus is a review of SOL 7,10 and will be a class competition.

May 4 - May 8:  Online class on Tues from 8:30-10:00 am.  We will continue to explore linear relationships and proportions review.  Intro to other resources available to you to practice and reinforce math skills. Slides and practice assignment are posted to our Microsoft Team files page.  Also, I'll still have office hours (optional attendance) on Thursday from noon-1:30pm.

Mon, Apr 27 - 
We will meet online on Tues, Apr 28 (8:30-10:00 am).  We will continue to explore linear relationships and will explore other resources available to you to practice and reinforce math skills..  Last week's lesson video has been posted to our Microsoft Team files page.  Also, I'll still have office hours on Thursday from noon-1:30pm.

Mon, Apr 20 - We will meet online on Tues, Apr 21 (8:30-10:00 am).  Email with details was sent to email accounts listed in ParentVue/StudentVue on Fri, Apr 17.  If you did not receive, this please send me an email with a good email address that has your name and your student's name. 
      - A New Challenge puzzle was posted today (see link in the table above).
    - I will have optional "Office Hours" on Thursdays from 12-1:30pm.  Students can join the meeting (use your Office 365 calendar) or send me a note in the TEAM chat if they have questions about math problems or need to discuss class issues.

Mon, Apr 13 - 
We will have our first online class meeting using Microsoft TEAMS on Tuesday, Apr 14 from 8:30-10:00 am.  An info E-mail was sent to students and parents e-mail accounts listed in the hub (aka ParentVue/StudentVue). 

Students will need to log in to Microsoft 365 using their school e-mail address (your standard school logonID/username followed by ex.
The easiest ways to get to the online meeting are to login to Office 365, then 1) use the link in the e-mail OR 2) go to your calendar, then click on the event in the calendar. You'll need to join the meeting and it will take you into the virtual meeting room.

We'll focus on checking in, catching up and outlining next steps.  We'll also revisit our functions topic a little.  PLEASE E-MAIL ME ( IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS or run into issues.  THANKS AND HOPE TO SEE YOU TOMORROW!!

Thur, Mar 26 
 - Schools will be closed for the rest of the 2019-20 school year, but learning continuesAT PRESENT, we are still not assigning new topics or work.
     - If you did not create and submit your Benchmark 2 study guide, you can still do so and I will grade it.  You need to submit it to me by Apr 14.
     - Please continue to practice math daily.  You can use IXL (see the incentive in the Mar 19 post) or other sites (see links in the graphics above or on the page below).  You can also access the electronic textbook (and its interactive resources) using your CLEVER Login (access it through "Student Links.")
     -  As you are working on items, questions, may run into struggles and get stuck.  That's OK!!!  Take a picture (or screenshot) of the problem (and directions), your neatly organized "work or thought process" and also your actual question (be as specific as you can) and send it to me.  I'll review and give you feedback.
     -  I am looking into a few ways for us to virtually get together and work on stuff collaboratively.   I'll update you on that as soon as I can make sure my plan meets PWCS guidance.

Thurs, Mar 19 - PWCS guidelines are that we are not to assign new work to students this week

  Students can certainly login to their accounts and practice topics we've worked on already this year.  I have updated the list of recommended skills (Login, click "Learning", then "Recommendations", then pick a topic to work on).  Alternately, students can login to, click "Analytics", then "Progress" or "Scores"  to select topics (and see previous efforts). 

Students should keep working to earn SMARTSCORES" of at least 80 to show they've reached proficiency in a topic.  NOTE:  I expect to award quiz grade credit for each topic in which students earn a SMARTSCORE of 80 - 89 (you'll get a B or B+) and an "A" for SMARTSCORES of 90 or higher.  I'll also award some credit in which you show SMARTSCORE progress of 30 points or more.

The links and references are still useful as you continue to work to become better at "understanding and doing math.


MAY 12, 2020 (Tuesday) - SOL Date for Math 7 and 7th Extended classes

Feb 18, 2020 (Tues) - Benchmark 2 Study Guide is due
             - Students are creating their own study guide of at least 5 topics.   Benchmark 2 Study Guide Assignment ; Topics  [Note: Similar figures (SOL 7.5) will NOT be tested on Benchmark 2]
- To also help them prepare, I am providing the following:
-- Benchmark 1 study guide/practice problems (blank for students to answer) ;  Benchmark 1 Study Guide ANSWER KEY  
-- NEW Topics since Benchmark 1:  Equations, Inequalities Practice Problems KEY and our current topic (proportional reasoning)

Wed/Thurs (Feb 19/20, 2020) - BENCHMARK 2 TEST
     - A cumulative test of topics covered this year, including equations, inequalities, and proportional reasoning.


Linear FUNCTIONS  (SOL 7.10):
Understanding "SLOPE" as a rate of change
- IXL PRACTICE:  SOLs 7.10a & 7.10b Proportional situations (slope is also called "Constant of Proportionality" in proportional situations)
-- Finding slope from a graph,     Mashup Math video
-- Finding slope from a table
-- Writing PROPORTIONAL equations from a table
-- Writing PROPORTIONAL equations from a graph

Graphing a proportional relation from an equation
Graphing a Proportional relationship using slope

SIMILAR FIGURES (SOL 7.5):  Connecting proportional reasoning with geometry to analyze 2-D figures that are the same shape, but not necessarily the same size.  Explanation  , 
Determining if figures are similar
Finding a missing side length or angle measurement
Similar figures and indirect measurement

PROPORTIONAL REASONING (equivalency of ratios based on multiplicative relations) and solving practical problems using this reasoning is our current topic.  [SOL 7.3]

IXL Practice
Converting between measurements 
Determining if ratios are equivalent  ; Do ratios form a proportion
Finding "unit rates"  
Solving proportional scale drawing/map problems  
Percent Proportions:  Finding the PART
Percent Proportions:  Finding the PERCENT
Percent Proportions:  Finding the WHOLE
TAX, TIP, DISCOUNT Problems ; Tax, Tip, Discount, Mark up, with Sales Price and Total Price Problems

Dec 18 - 20: RATIOS and PROPORTIONS (SOL 7.3)
   We are reviewing ratios in general and building ratio tables (sets of equivalent ratios) as well as learning to create and recognize equivalent ratios.

Identifying Equivalent Ratios
Creating Equivalent Ratios

Solving inequalities (SOL 7.13):  Students need to be able to solve, graph and identify solutions to one- and two-step inequalities.  This is in Chapter 3 of the textbook (available to students through their online accounts using their CLEVER and PWCS login) Inequalities Practice:  CLICK HERE

IXL Practice:  Identifying solutions to inequalities
  Two-step inequalities 
     Graphing solutions to two-step inequalities
Nov 11 - 22:  Modeling and Solving One- and Two- Step Equations (SOL 7.12)...also in textbook: Chapter 2, Sections 3-5 [2.3, 2.4, 2.5]

  Solving 2-Step Equations Quick check link: CLICK HERE 

Modeling and Solving One-step equations video (Good video, but a little it in steps)
IXL practice:    One Step Equations

Solving Two-step Equations  Reference Videos from MATH ANTICS and an alternate strategy/display method called  "DO / UNDO" Tables

   IXL Practice:  Modeling and Solving Two-step Equations
Solving two-step equations step-by-step practice
Solving Two-step Equations
Solving Two-step Equation Word Problems

   Math Playground:  Thinking Blocks to practice setting up and solving word problems using equations:
                             Math Playground Thinking Blocks:  Multiplication two step equations

Wed, Nov 6 - BENCHMARK STUDY Guide is Due at the beginning of class  (students are to select 4 sections or do at least 30 questions)

Thur / Fri (Nov 7/8) - BENCHMARK 1 Test 

Oct 21 - Nov 1:  Volume and Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms and Cylinders  SOL 7.4

Oct 7-18: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions (SOL 7.11):   "SUBSTITUTE, then SIMPLIFY"
IXL skills 7-R.47-R.57-R.67-R.7  (these links allow practice with different types of expressions for this objective)

Oct 1 - 4:  Scientific notation (SOL 7.1b) and Word Problems
   Scientific notation Video:  Three choices of intro videos...which is best?
MASHUP MATH (7:48 min):  Mashup Math Scientific Notation
Math Antics (14:28 min):  Math Antics Scientific Notation
Math Shorts (3:11 min):  Math Shorts Scientific Notation
  IXL Practice:  Converting to and from Scientific Notation
 Comparing Numbers in Scientific Notation

 Sep 23 - 27:  Perfect Squares (0-400) and Square Roots (0-20)
Powers of Ten:    Click here for LEARN ALBERTA PRACTICE

Sep 4-6:  Pretest:  CLICK HERE FOR MATH 7 PRETEST 

  CLICK HERE for 7th EXTENDED Pre-Test

Aug 26 - Sep 6:  Focus on Back to School: 
  - Focus on Class Goals, Expectations, Rules, and Procedures
  - Building Community and Mindset
  - Refreshing and Assessing Current Math Knowledge/Skills

I look forward to working with you and your child to help them be successful and grow as a student and as a person this year.

Thank you!
Mr. Coleman




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