Please challenge yourself on a daily basis to get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 times this week.  I have 3 assignments that you can complete at home while staying healthy and safe. Challenge yourself to get into better shape every day! Please choose a option and write a short paragraph at the end of the week about progress or strategies that helped you throughout the workouts. At the end of the 5 days please EMAIL ME a brief description of the date and time the exercise was completed as well as your pre and post heart rate for each day.
EXAMPLE: Day 1: I rode my bike for 30 minutes. Pre Heart-rate was 60 and post was 140.

Option 1: Walk briskly 30 minutes every day. If you cannot go outside find a space withing your home to do so safely. Use stairs for a harder challenge.

Option 2: Attached in the homework file is a powerpoint titled At Home Workouts. Review the Powerpoint and complete the workout on the last slide. Increase reps if its too easy and decrease reps if it is to hard. Always do a 5 minute walking warmup and cool down to ensure safety.  

Option 3:  Choose any actvity that involves exercise such as walking, jogging, or playing basketball. Other ideas of activities include online fitness videos from youtube such as tae bo, yoga, cardio kickboxing, hip hop abs, or bike riding.  Make sure your activities are approved by your parents.