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Hello students and parents,
I hope you all are staying safe. The news of school closures may have come as a shock to many; I know it was heartbreaking for me to know I won't be seeing my students for the remainder of the year. As upsetting as this news is, I know the decision is the best thing right now to continue to keep everyone healthy. I am here for anyone that needs assistance during this time.
When it comes to your education, the more we learn, the more I will share with you.

April 29, 2020.  Updated information for our virtual class distance learning is posted on the U.S. History 1 Virtual Class links page.  Check there for my office hours and instructional time information.
  Please consider checking the PWCS website often for updates on closing and other information related to the school system.
  In addition, as a reminder for those concerned about their grades and grading I am posting some points from Dr. Walt's Remarks to the April 1, 2020 to the Prince William County School Board meeting:
63. Marking periods one, two, and three will be graded. The sum of the grade for each of the three quarters will be divided by three to determine the final grade.
66. Again, consistent with Virginia Department of Education grading guidance, the fourth quarter will be ungraded and remain a period of optional distance learning for students both online and offline.
All students will be able to continue to submit optional work that will support completion of graduation requirements or demonstrate mastery of a subject.

With that being said, I have created a new folder entitled "U.S. History Virtual Class" and in it will be activities for students to work on.  I'm also in the process of setting up our Microsoft teams, so I'll send links and activities through that as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am here if anyone needs anything. 
All my best during this trying time, 
Mr. Bell


Below are the objectives that we have worked on so far this year.  Please refer to the files and documents tab, to see the detailed notes from each unit.


Code of Behavior

(If required by school, taught in context of Civics/Citizenship)


Introductory lesson to Historical Thinking for Assessment


Unit 1: Early North American Cultures

USI.3a Archaeological Discovery

USI.3b American Indian Settlements

USI.3c Environment and Resources


USI.2b-d Geography in the context of Early North American cultures


Unit 2: Exploration

USI.4a European Exploration

USI.4b Cultural/Economic Interactions

USI.4c West African Societies


USI.2a-d Geography in the context of European exploration in North America and West Africa







Aug.30, Sep. 2 - Labor Day



Unit 3: Shaping Colonial America

USI.5a Events & Conditions Leading to Colonization

USI.5b Compare Life in 3 Colonial Regions

USI.5c Specialization and Interdependence

USI. 5d Social Perspectives of Colonists


USI.2b-d Geography in the context of its influences on life in Colonial America


Reporting Category Assessment: Pre-Columbian Times to 1770



Unit 4: American Revolution

USI.5e Political/Economic Relationships between Colonies and England

USI.6a Dissatisfaction Led to Revolution

USI.6b Political Ideas Shape Revolution

USI.6c Key Events & People in Revolution

USI.6d Reasons Colonies Defeated Great Britain


USI.2b-d Geography in context of the American Revolution


Nov. 12- Veterans’ Day

Nov. 21 - 23 - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 21 - Jan 1 – Winter Break

Jan. 21- Dr. King’s Birthday Holiday



Unit 5: New Nation

USI.7a Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation

USI.7b Development of the Constitution

USI.7c Accomplishments of the First 5 Presidents


USI.2b-d Geography in the context of its influences on the new American Nation



Reporting Category Assessment: Revolution to New Nation



Unit 6: Westward Expansion and Reform

USI.8a Territorial Expansion

USI.8b Geographic and Economic Influences on Western Settlement