Good morning, 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  This week we'll get to shift gears a little, wrapping up our review of Early American Cultures and moving on with the curriculum. Last Thursday, we briefly talked about sourcing documents, during office hours tomorrow I want to revisit that discussion and together we'll try our hand at a document based assessment. 

The activities I gave out last week are due this Thursday, April 30. If you have any questions regarding those assignments, I'll have office hours tomorrow April 28th from 1:30-3 pm.  Class instruction will continue on Thursday April 30 at 8:30; I've sent the zoom ID's and passwords for both Tuesday and Thursday last Friday, if you need me to send it again, email me and I'll get that out to you.  

UPDATE April 29th
Tomorrow, we'll have a lesson using nearpod and kahoot. 

UPDATE April 30
De la Classe.docx
First Thanksgiving HAT Sourcing.docx
Cultural Interactions Assessment.docx
Kwakiutl Assessment.docx
Iroquois Assessment.docx