Hello everyone!

This week we'll continue reviewing the exploration unit.  Last Thursday I gave you questions and answers on the 3 African Empires.  Those serve as notes and a mini study guide.  This Thursday, May 14th, we'll review those by playing Kahoot again. Hopefully you studied and will win! As for the assignments, look at lasts virtual page.  Those activities are still posted, once you complete them email them to me.  I will see you all Thursday for our instructional period. 

UPDATE May 14th:
Good morning, 

This mornings zoom conference certainly did not go off as planned.  In zoom, it gives me an option to create a reoccurring zoom id and password but for whatever reason (probably my error) it didn't work.  So I'll go back to creating a new session ID and password for each session.  I apologize for the confusion.  During my next schedule office hours, Tuesday at 1:30, we will have a zoom conference.  I just created the session and will send the meeting id and password via email. 

Again I apologize for the mishap this morning, 
Mr. Bell