Hello Everyone!

This week we'll continue reviewing Exploration.  Office hours on Tuesday will be through email only, our instruction time will still take place via Zoom Thursday at 8:30.   Last Thursday, I issued a few activities to work on; those are due this Thursday.  Those activities are below.   

See you then!

De la Classe.docx
First Thanksgiving HAT Sourcing.docx
Cultural Interactions Assessment.docx
Kwakiutl Assessment.docx
Iroquois Assessment.docx

Update May 7th:
The following assignments are due next Thursday May 14th. 

Obstacles to Exploration Assessment.docx
Mayflower Compact assessment.docx
The Virginia Company Assessment.docx
Mansa Musa.ppt
Mansa Musa .docx

Below is the Kahoot quiz for next week, included are the answers. So study up!
Kahoot questions.docx