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7th Grade
US History II (Reconstruction - Present Day)
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Hello y'all! My name is Katherine Gallo, and this is my second year at Potomac Middle School...but my first as a History teacher! I am so excited to accompany you on our journey of American history after the Civil War. Together, we will muck through the trenches of the Western Front, explore the awkward interwar/Great Depression years, learn about America's "Greatest Generation" during the Second World War, ensure that we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust, and study how the Civil Rights Era still impacts us today!

I myself am a product of Prince William County Schools (although I forever remain a Texan at heart). I graduated from Battlefield High School in 2010. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from George Mason University (Class of 2014) and decided to pursue a post-grad education. I have my Master of Arts in European History, with a pre-doctoral concentration also from George Mason University (Class of 2016). When I'm not at Potomac, I adjunct as a professor of world history at NOVA Woodbridge. Last year, I taught 6th grade Language Arts, so I truly believe in the importance of cross-curriculum learning. I can't wait to blend History and Language Arts to provide more hands-on activities this school year! 

Check out this page for lesson information materials and assignments that I will post daily. It will allow everyone to access information covered in class. If you ever need to contact me should there be any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to call or email!

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Unit VIII: The Cold War &
the United States in the Postwar Era

         Face off between Soviet and American tanks at Checkpoint Charlie ...      
    MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction |
    Dictators of WWII ~A Meme Activity~ | Teaching Resources

VA Standards of Learning:
We will be covering Standard(s) USII.8a, b, c, d, & e
The student will apply social science skills to understand of the economic, social, and political transformation of the United States and the world between the end of World War II and the present by:

a) describing the rebuilding of Europe and Japan after World War II, the emergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as superpowers, and the establishment of the United Nations;
b) describing the conversion from a wartime to a peacetime economy;
c) examining the role of the United States in defending freedom during the Cold War, including the wars in Korea and Vietnam, the Cuban missile crisis, the collapse of communism in Europe, and the rise of new challenges;
d) describing the changing patterns of society, including expanded educational and economic opportunities for military veterans, women, and minorities;
e) evaluating and explaining the impact of international trade and globalization on American life.

You may view the Cold War & Postwar America standards in more detail here.

Distance Learning Updates!

Lesson Days:
7th Grade History meets every Thursday, from 8:30 AM until 9/9:30 AM for a mini-lesson. The rest of the time is left to the students to ask questions and reach out to me about the optional activities if they so choose to complete it.
My Office Hours:
On Tuesdays, from 1:30 PM until 3 PM, I am directly available to answer emails and questions about the optional activities/curriculum via email or Microsoft Teams.

Please keep updated with the current situation with the official PWCS website as well, but I'll keep everyone informed here and via my email. Although we will not be reporting to school, I don't want our learning to stop! We have now entered the Cold War & Postwar America Unit. All my notes and presentations are being posted every day/week (as needed) in the respective unit folder under my "Files and Documents" tab. 

Students have been warned that any inappropriate behavior with our online learning platforms may result in permanent loss of technology privileges for the rest of the school year.

To reiterate and stress, the work I am posting is optional, but I do recommend reading some of the assignments to help keep everyone's mind sharp (you don't necessarily need to complete the comprehension questions - you may if you'd like!) I've also posted some Sourcing activities on past units just to help y'all review your historical thinking skills during this uncertain time! All my class discussions will be led through Microsoft Teams, and I'm active on my PTMS Twitter and via email. I will also be activating an account via Clever. All students have access to Clever through PWCS, as long as they use their PWCS login information.
Those of you who joined me with reading Elie Wiesel's Holocaust memoir Night - thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation. I'm sorry we weren't able to go into great detail about the Holocaust, so I hope Night was able to better answer some of your questions and interests about this grim, but important historical topic. You all did a wonderful job facilitating discussion and asking in-depth questions. 

WWII/Holocaust/Postwar World/Cold War Topics
Thursday, April 16th: The European Theater
Thursday, April 23rd: The Pacific Theater/End of War
Thursday, April 30th: The Holocaust
Thursday, May 7th: Holocaust Wrap-Up/Intro to Cold War
Thursday, May 14th: Postwar America
Thursday, May 21st: The Proxy Wars
Thursday, May 28th: America during the 1960s/End of Cold War
Thursday, June 4th: Introduction to Civil Rights
Thursday, June 11th: So Long, Farewell! (goodbye session)

All FINAL grades have been submitted! It was such a pleasure working with and getting to know everyone this year. Don't be a stranger and stop by and say "hello" next year...and make me proud when you're quizzed on your amendments (and Plessy v. Ferguson) in 8th Grade Civics...

I hope everyone is keeping the "Dunkirk Spirit" alive as we get through these chaotic and uncertain times! Keep calm and carry on, y'all! 

With love,
Ms. Gallo

Upcoming Test Days/Events:
Study Halls:
My study halls will always be on Tuesdays. Anyone is welcome to join, provided they come to work, not socialize. Anyone that needs to stay after with me on Monday or Friday must have prearranged it with me, and signed a permission slip stating they will have a parent/guardian picking them up by 5 PM (or earlier).

A Note on Technology:
Remember - again, to my historians, as much as I want to incorporate technology this year, you need to do me the favor by keeping your phones off and in your lockers per the PWCS guidelines. Let's not have me take away the technology privileges! Snapchat can wait for after school!

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