Greetings Potomac Panthers!  The PE Department hopes you are all well and staying healthy.  Click on the homework section to find the May Fitness Challenge which is due May 31st and the Power Point "The Health Triangle" which is due May 22.  I am cheering you on to continue your Spring workout!  Send me an email to BERGERGY@PWCS.Edu if you have any questions about the assignments.  

Why do we need Physical Education?

Health and physical education is a vital and dynamic part of the total educational process.  It contributes to physical, mental, and social development.  Students have varied individual needs, interests and abilities which this program addresses in order to enable each student to realize their maximum potential.  We believe this program should provide opportunities to develop total fitness, efficient motor skills, coordination, sporting behavior, and knowledge of activities which may be pursued throughout life.  Physical, mental and social total fitness insures the individual’s pursuit of a long and healthy lifestyle. 

Be Prepared!  Wear the right equipment for exercising safely!

Sneakers, Crew T Shirt, Athletic/Mesh Shorts, Sweatshirt or Sweatpants