Welcome to Ms. Daniel's 7th Grade Class!!

 Moment of Science
Virtual Learning - 5/27

Today, I'd like you to watch the Amoeba Sister video on 'Natural Selection'. Once you have watched the video on youtube, complete the natural selection BrainPop and submit to my email 

To find the links to the youtube and BrainPop, click on the Useful Links section in the left margin of this page. 

As always, if you need my assistance please reach out to me via email.

Week of 5/10
If you missed the zoom meeting on Wednesday 5/13, I have uploaded the Gizmo worksheet for you all to work on for the week. Students who do not have access their gizmo accounts are to email me ASAP.                                                      
DISTANCE LEARNING Information            
Dear Students/Parents:
The new Distance Learning Schedule will go into effect Tuesday, April 14th!

Virtual Science Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 8:30-10:00 AM. You will receive an email invitation to join the virtual meetings on Zoom. Please check your email for this link on Tuesdays. 

There will also be Virtual Office Hours on Mondays from 1:30-3:00 PM. This is a time where you can contact me to get academic support and/or ask questions. You will receive another email invitation to join the virtual meetings on Zoom.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional resources and activities while we are away from each other.

I hope all is well with each and everyone of my students and families! I understand that times are hard, but we will get through this together. I want to thank you all for the numerous emails I have received and I want all my students to know that I miss you all dearly. As we go into our distance learning I want you all to know that I am here via email if you ever get confused with anything published on this page, but please familiarize yourselves with everything this page has to offer. I will be posting updates, assignments, and trivia periodically, so STAY TUNED!

If you have any make up work completed please email me to receive credit for work that has been completed.

Ms. Daniel
Email: danielmt@pwcs.edu