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SOL CE 2a-d
School House Rock Preamble-
Principles of American Government-
Key Documents-
Amending the Constitution-

SOL CE 3a-e
Steps to citizenship (Some steps are worded different but concepts are similar)-
First Amendment Freedoms-
Duties vs. Responsibilites of Citizens -
Community Service in Action-

SOL CE  4a-g
Traits of a Good Citizen- (These are not all of the traits and some of them are a little different but they can be connected to our SOL strand)

SOL CE 5a-f
Functions of Political Parties-
Similarities and Differences between Parties/Third Parties-
Analyzing Media in Elections-
Campaign Finance-
Voter Registration/Participation-
Electoral College-

SOL CE 6a-d
School  House Rock Three Branches-
Seperation of Powers/Checks and Balances-
School House Rock Lawmaking Process-
Powers of the President-

SOL CE 7a-d
Structure and Powers of State Governments-
Virginia Law Making Process-
Role of the Governor-