May 28, 2020
What might this graph be of? (there is more than one answer)
What could this graph be of?
From Robert Kaplinsky 

May 26, 2020
Knowing the length of the first two measuring tapes, how long do you think the third one could be when extended out?
How long do you think the third measuring tape is?
Problem from estimation 180

May 22, 2020
Can you estimate the amount of space the blue area takes up of the whole hexagon? How can you justify your answer.
how much space does the blue portion cover?
Problem from Math 4 Love

May 19, 2020
Which doesn't belong? Why do you believe so? 
(There can be more than one right answer based on your reasoning. Can you defend each one?)
What doesn't belong?
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May 14, 2020
Below are some prompts to get you thinking about math around your house. Choose 1 or 2 to do a day.

Math around your house
Document created by N. Kirkland

May 12, 2020
How can you get 33 using just the buttons provided?
Problem from Math 4 Love

May 6, 2020
Around the house Scavenger Hunt from Estimation 180.
Click the link below to see the explanation in person.
Scavenger Hunt video

Objective: Search your house for thing shorter, taller, and equal to your height and estimate their lengths.
First have someone measure your height (inches or centimeters) and write it down.
Next, find something you think is shorter than you, and estimate its length/height.
Third, find something about equal to your height and estimate its length/height.
Then, find something that is greater than your height and estimate its length/height.
Now, take a ruler/yard stick/measuring tape and actually measure each of those items to see how close your estimates were to its actual measurement.


May 4, 2020
Here is a challenge for you. You are welcome to use a calculator, but keep track of each one of your attempts at this problem. Your goal to to make a product closest to 50 (over or under) by multiplying to decimal factors using digits 1-9 (no repeats). Keep asking yourself, can I get closer?
Make a product that is closest to 50.
Problem came for Open Middle

April 27, 2020
Math Number Teaser for you today. Use the clues to figure out what is the three digit combo to open the lock. Work together with your family too.
Open the lock given the clues
Source: Anonymous online

April 24, 2020
Not a math problem today. Just something to think about over the weekend. How you can grow during this very unusual time.
Growth Mindset

April 21, 2020
fill in digits 1-9 to make the number line true.
Things to think about. How do you know that B and C are equivalent fractions? How can you make D the largest fraction?
How can you check your answer?
Is there more than one way to do this problem?
Remember fractions can be proper and improper.
More questions like this can be found at

April 17, 2020
Math is all about patterns.
Below are the first three steps of a pattern. How many squares would be used to make step 10? Step 15? Step 43?

Continue the pattern to step 10? 15? 43?
Find more visual patterns at

April 13, 2020
Welcome back from Spring Break. Here is a problem to get yourself thinking. 
Look at the picture below.
What percentage of the square is yellow? How confident are you with your answer? Can you think of a strategy to so that your answer is more exact? Would it be easier to find the fraction of the square colored yellow? Talk it out with a family member. Do you agree? Are you close?

How much of this square is colored yellow?
more fraction pictures can be found at

April 1, 2020
Today let's try to answer this very simple question (not trying to fool you), how much is there?
(Just so you know there is more than on answer. So think of all the answers someone could give. Make sure to be clear on what your answer is referring to.)
How much is there?
Record your answer in my FlipGrid. Access through the link or the QR code. Go to My FlipGrid ( flipgrid qr code

March 30, 2020
Happy Monday! Have you ever thought about all the mathematical things that are around you each day. Try making a list of you math happenings for a day or two. See math is all around us.

math is real life

March 26, 2020
Math is all around us and actually are the reasons behind many decisions we make. Take this picture as an example. Which option would you rather choose? It's all math! (picture from )
Which options would you rather buy?

March 24, 2020

As we move toward online learning here are some tips for students when engaging in video calls.

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