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Creative Pop Club

Creativity through the Arts~Experience Multicultural Community~Embrace current popular trends,
Self-awareness (KPop, JPop, CPop, etc.)

  • Students who are interested in Anime, KPOP, JPOP, CPOP, all things Pop Culture combined would benefit in joining Creative Pop Club.

  • This is a year long commitment where students get together once a week sharing a common interest in anime characters and/ or selected kpop biases. This is a club that celebrates trendy student interests through the Arts-dance, music, and visual art. It’s a community celebrating creative differences and accepting of all.

  • In order to join Creative Pop Club, you must be dedicated, open-minded, share a common interest in pop culture and anime, committed to meeting once a week, and driven to be cooperative in a creative group.

  • Club meeting will incorporate sharing interests, working together cooperatively on art, dance, and music projects.

  • This club will be student-driven where students lead the meetings and coordinate activities and participation.
  •  If you are interested, Please fill out the permission slip and return it to Mrs. Navarro. Applications will not be accepted after the due date. There is a $10 fee and every member will be required to bring a snack for the group. Money will be collected at the first meeting. It will not be taken before or after.
  • If you have any questions or concern please contact Mrs. Navarro.                                Thank you!

Creative Pop Application